Transform...ation of Image, MCA Zagreb, Croatia 2016


By:darko vukic
Conceptual, Digital, Installation, Mixed Media, Photography
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Transform...ation of Image, MCA Zagreb, Croatia 2016

TRANSFORMATION OF THE IMAGE IMAGE TRANSFERS TRANSFORMATION OF VISIBLE FORMS – KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE IN EDUCATION IN THE FIELD OF VISUAL ARTS Around ten years ago, while establishing this form of international and institutional cooperation and situating it in the area of South-Eastern Europe, we adopted the obvious discourse of wiping away our own traces, of erasing something that may be colloquially called our common past. Unfortunately, we had no other form of action at our disposal in this model of social interaction, except for suppression. By not uttering terms such as the Other, the East, the Balkans, Yugoslavia, or the Region, we continuously protocolled our desire to reach something imaginary, different, authentic, or central, although we were, in fact, protocolling our own illusion that there was something better than our marginality. Putting it more simply, we were invoking the West. For better or for worse, the dichotomy of centre and periphery no longer functions in the positions of great social and political changes as it did 25 years ago. The periphery is no longer there, and neither is the centre, at least as it was back in 1989, 1990, or 1991, which were the crucial turning points in constructing our present social reality. Ideological apparatuses have changed. Repressive apparatuses have changed. The world in which we articulate our subjectivity has changed. The models of emergence of an artist have changed. The models of becoming an artist have changed. The nature of this change and the role of education in the post-Cold War world is what the TRANSFORM 2016 focuses upon. The international collaboration of several educational institutions aims at exploring, mapping, and presenting various models of production, performance, sharing, and distribution of knowledge in the field of visual arts. Our intention is not to speak in the manner of art historians, or to describe the spirit of our times, but to engage in mapping the aesthetic regimes within which the artist as a subject is performed today. Our attention is primarily directed at the forms of intensified interaction and the visibility of joint communication and mutual affectation, representation, and transformation of the model of student work as the subject in our world of art. Thereby we understand the term WORK rather broadly: as a practice, labour, and an artefact. Our aim is to show the way in which the current changes in the paradigm of organizing, distributing, and performing various roles in the educational system alter the nature of artistic work on a longterm basis. TRANSFORM 2016 does not aim only at making a periphery visible with regard to the centre; it also explores and maps various models of artistic education in the field of visual arts within the world of art that we all share. Our position is that the process of education is always about joining our forces in order to produce freedom, rather than merely induce knowledge transfer. As the project is based on the inclusion of all practices present in the participating institutions, and uses the classical media of visual arts, the new media, and applied design and art restoration, its aim is to show how education can function today as the most intriguing artistic format. The exhibition was organized by the Academy of Arts in Zagreb in collaboration with Museum of Contemporary Arts also in Zagreb, Croatia.


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