Static Test


By:nechama winston
Conceptual, Installation, Photography, Video
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Static Test

“Static” is associated with a lack in movement, action, or change—something that is fixed, stable, steady—constant. It is used to describe bodies that are at rest and forces that are in equilibrium. It can also denote a crackling and hissing that indicates a system of telecommunications. In Static Test, Winston presents moving and still images projected throughout the gallery space in five video works. She constructs a discontinuous visual and aural montage of experiences, combining her footage with appropriated material, all of which were made and gathered over the past two years. These include, for example, archival scientific film footage of cells, neuron networks, and microbes, close-ups of film grain from still photographs, landscapes shot using night-vision technology, nocturnal seascapes, and family albums. Winston’s combinations abstract and fragment her visual material, an effect that she also uses in installations that project such imagery not only onto walls and flat, transparent planes, but over upended bricks, table tops, and irregular polygon shapes that protrude into space. Together, this produces discrete visual events and fluctuating sensations that can potentially counter stasis and induce new perspectives. The ultimate effect of the installation questions how we have come to inherit ideas, and define and use objects that organize and determine our sense of place and non-place.


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