Horror Vaccui


By:anna deligianni
Conceptual, Design, Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Other, Painting, Printmaking
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Horror Vaccui

My current project concerns mobility in life. Be it physical migration or a psychological journey, people are always struggling to leave their current situation to find a place where they can finally be at peace. I often use eyes in my paintings to symbolize the fact that there is always someone watching you, traveling in the same way as you are, sometimes as a friend and sometimes judging you, feeling empathy and companionship. The insistence on detail comes from my earlier work on engraving, and is used to give a sense of pressure in the compositions, comparing the conditions of modern reality with the exuberance of my work. The vibrant colours are used to emphasize the paranoia of the situation we call everyday life. Furthermore, the colours give a positive vibe that is meant as such: “You can only survive the chaos and paranoia if you embrace it for what it is


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