Girls in Uniform


By:anna kurtycz and rudek
Activism, Conceptual, Curating, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting, Performance, Photography, Printmaking, Project Organizing, Video
Girls in Uniform by RUDEK
Stencil on wall (James Town, Accra, Ghana)
250 x 400 cm (print)

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Girls in Uniform

In August 2014, at Chale Wote Street Art Festival in Accra, Studio Kurtycz launched the Girls in Uniform Art Project. Worshops in urban and rural areas, performances, street art work, postal project and two exhibitions took place in Benin since then. For the completion of the project a Graphic Performance by Anna Kurtycz and RUDEK took place in Accra at the 2015 Chale Wote Street Festival. The "Girls in Uniform" project was based on the following manifesto: 1. The uniform is an easthetic space to which one should attribute all qualities of beauty in all its complexity and in all its manifestations. 2. The uniform is only uni-form at the surace. When lookd at more closely, one will discover the uniform as an infinite space of pluriformity, and, thus, of indiviuality. 3. The uniform is identity: it is a manifestation of both belonging and exclusion, of submission and rebellion, of action and reaction, and its full meaning can only emerge at the interface betewwn its expression and its reception, exactly where art is positioned.


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