(crowdsourced) Ghosts of a Former Self


By:josefina posch
Conceptual, Digital, Installation, Intervention, Mixed Media, Performance, Sculpture
(crowdsourced) Ghosts of a Former Self
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(crowdsourced) Ghosts of a Former Self

[crowdsourced] Ghosts of a Former Self at Center for Contemporary Art – Tbilisi, Georgia   Josefina Posch who usually works with sculptural forms through interactive format pushed her sculptures - two silicone creatures - to an open interaction with the public; visitors could touch them, play with their bodies, change their positions, etc... The contact moments between visitors and sculptures were recorded by a camera as documentation for artistic research. As Josefina Posch says - sometimes this kind of projects work look like a test case and visitors express their desires or psychological states in relationship to the art work. Usually the agenda of contemporary art includes the intentions of art forms to live as an undivided part of everyday life, to eventually overcome the restriction “Don’t touch!” – a command associated with museum rules - and transform art into an organic element of life, where artistic interpretations are inserted in natural way. This was a key point for New Realists in 1960’s and became a very actual topic for Georgian cultural process of last period, which is running in a complicated context of a post totalitarian situation; to say more precisely it’s about ways of perception of sculptures or any other art, while still is keeping a distance between the art work and the audience, as a result of Soviet tradition. In this tradition, when art was pathetic and served ideology and propaganda, hence it was in a dominant position to the society and that’s why for local Georgian society it’s not easy to meet actual art. Nevertheless the young generation already has different positions in connection with art and its contemporary problems, and we all hope for some interesting changes.   By Khatuna Khabuliani   Art Critic, Curator and Professor Ilia State University Art Acedemy, Tbilisi, Georgia


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