Cry For LOVE, and Cry for LIFE from Beyond Time & Space series-Truth in Emotion


By:misako oba
Conceptual, Mixed Media, Painting
invitation card for the show in NY (group exhibition)
encaustic mixed media from the series Part 2
18x12x1 inch (small works show)
upon request

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Cry For LOVE, and Cry for LIFE from Beyond Time & Space series-Truth in Emotion

<Part 2, "Cry for LIFE" is based exclusively on poems written by men about life in vain. ::: My artwork explores human life as a journey; beauty of life with its darker side.  I invest my own emotional content and imagination into each poem and the artwork.  :::  The opening reception is Saturday, December 2, 2017. The show runs until December 30, 2017. The encaustic mixed media work you see in the post card here was started and completed this year, 2017 ::::   <Part 1: “Cry for LOVE  - What Women Think – ” > Ongoing big project. People today love and suffer from the same issues as ancient people did. It’s beyond time and space. In this series, I "layer time and space"-- the materials from ancient Japan, which are the collection of 7th-13th century Japanese poems Waka (known as *Haykunin Isshu: 100 poems by 100 authors) re-written in calligraphy (by my father who resently passed away, he was a calligraphy master in Japan) using specific ancient characters on Japanese paper for this project. I combine those with ancient medium (encaustic) as well as the comtemporary actual scenes/ images that I photographed from our 21st century in the U.S. such as New York and Seattle where I lived/live and feel related and “witness” as different "time and space," yet with the same sensitive emotions as humans.        The images you can see in my work are the combination of my painting and the archival pigment/ink-transfer from my photos onto encaustic/wax and NOT printed photographs.  ::::  The images, for example, cherry blossoms, bamboo, moon and trees, textures of walls, and the mountain MAY LOOK AS IF they were from Japan, however, those are INTENTIONALLY from New York, Florida, Seattle in Washington State where I lived or still spend a part of my journey of life.  :::  I studied and categorized those poems based on the theme such as women's desperate love, men's passionate love, loneliness in life, and beauty of four seasons.   ::: Part 1 "Cry for LOVE: What Women Think" (25 pieces in Total) is based exclusively on desperate love letters/ poems out of 100 regarding women’s thoughts and feeling by female authors.     


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