The Logic of Basho


By:josefina posch
Conceptual, Digital, Installation, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Sound, Video
The Logic of Basho at Gallery 54
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The Logic of Basho

The exhibition at Gallery 54 is a new version of "The Logic of Basho < Here's Looking at You Kid > " consisting of a sculptural installation and an internet based part, with live-stream from web cameras was developed by Swedish artist Josefina Posch while at an artist-in-residence at Art Space Portsmouth in the UK. During her stay Posch worked with a multitude of people from various age groups and ethnical backgrounds and cast body-parts of them to be re-constructed symbolizing the average inhabitant. The two parted title has its origin from two completely different sources. On one hand there is the philosophy of ‘ The Logic of Basho’ by Kitaro Nishida. The other part < Here's Looking at You Kid > is from the film Casablanca and is part of the soundtrack that has been created as a collage for the exhibition. Posch has used dialogs from what The Motion Picture Association of America has voted the top 20 most romantic films of all times. The sculptures are being lit by ultraviolet light chosen by Posch since it does not register on the RGB color scale and can thus never be truly reproduced via digital media. Through this she gives the viewer in the gallery a truer experience than via a complimentary medium. In the exhibition there is also a video projection of close ups of the male and the female sculptures that is being streamed live through the peer to peer application Posch developed that cuts between the video footage from the web cameras inside the pentagon controlled by the sound input from her film dialog. The camera images brings us closer to the sculptures than we can through the peepholes, similar to how we might feel that we can be socially closer to each other via digital media than in real life. This live stream is an investigating by the artists of what new and more sustainable possibilities digital media provides for showing art works, without elaborate exhibition productions as an option for galleries in rural areas to have a presence in metropolitan cultural hubs around the world. The stream from Gallery 54 will be shown live at Art + Shanghai Gallery in China. ‘Re: B-b-b-b-odies’, a written dialogue between Swedish artist Josefina Posch and British writer Sally O’Reilly, will be presented in conjunction with the exhibitions. In the text Posch and O’Reilly (author of The Body in Contemporary Art) take their mutual interest in the agency of the body as a starting point and then outline their hopes, skepticism, inventions and assumptions in an attempt to relate this to wider cultural and socio-political discourses.


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