In The Finest Tradition


By:daniel mirer
Conceptual, Digital, Film, Photography
Young Officer, New York City
color photographs, digital “C" Fuji Crystal Archive Print
48 x 48 in (121.92 cm x 121.92 cm)
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In The Finest Tradition

Title: In The Finest Tradition Photographic medium, color photographs, digital “C" Fuji Crystal Archive Print Dimensions: 30 x 30 in (76.2cm x 76.2cm) & 48 x 48 in (121.92 cm x 121.92 cm) Portfolio images:  20 x 24 (50.8cm x 60.96cm)     “In the Finest Tradition” displays my interest in ideas of gender and identity. Among my earliest memories are those of the socially ingrained concepts of identity and maleness. Coming from a male- dominated family, much of my framework of maleness and its manifested psychological constraints that defined how I should be, was for me an absurdity, a one-sided form of inclusiveness of the male construct. The men within the photographs are performers in an area of identity, a lifestyle. Many of my subjects do not fully embrace the persona of the uniform as masculinity, nor do they reject concepts of role-play. Instead, they step away from the trappings of male code and choose the parts of masculinity that they want to bring into the mainstream. The uniforms these subjects are wearing become extensions of their fulfilled imagination, creating a universe, which they occupy. The images are intended to be of male archetypes, exhibiting extremely masculine roles or career choices showing the pageantry of the uniform as an affirmation of identity. I photograph these individuals from a direct frontal point of view and within situations that embody possibilities of freedom of political commentary, from the imaginary into the familiar. I am fascinated by the gap between what we are, and what we think identity should be. Through the photographic medium, I collaborate with these individuals that have formed ideal masculine personas.  Using this intimate process, I search for ways to awaken the irony of the male body and elicit the self through the construction of characters.


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