Belle Haleine: Eau de Voilette”/ “Beautiful Breath: Veil Water


By:alex hetherington
Film, Installation, Video
Belle Haleine
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Belle Haleine: Eau de Voilette”/ “Beautiful Breath: Veil Water

"Belle Haleine: Eau de Voilette" is a 1921 ‘assisted’ readymade object by the artists Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp. It consists of a bottle of perfume from the French couture house Rigaud altered by the artists with a new label showing the artists in drag and a new packing box signed “Rrose Selavy”, Duchamp’s feminine alter-ego. The object signifies the artists interests in the flux between authorship, gender, meaning, disguise and implication. Duchamp’s alter-ego, a pun, sounds like the French phrase "Eros, c'est la vie", which translates to English as "eros, that's life". It has also been read as "arroser la vie" ("to make a toast to life"). Sélavy emerged in 1921 in a series of photographs by Man Ray and appeared in their collaborations throughout this decade. Duchamp later used the name as the by-line on his written material and signed several major works with it, including his film Anemic Cinema (1926): “A spiral design spins dizzily. It's replaced by a spinning disk. These two continue in perfect alternation until the end: a spiral design, a disk. Each disk is labelled and can be read as it rotates. The messages, in French, feature puns and whimsical rhymes and alliteration. The final message comments on the spiral motif itself.”   Artist and curator Alex Hetherington is now inviting professional national and international artists to submit moving image work in response to Marcel Duchamp’’s Belle Haleine and Anemic Cinema for a screening installation for the Briggait, Glasgow to be presented, dates to be confirmed, by mid-2011. Moving image work should be concerned primarily with mediations on gender, narrative and the screen, the performative and its relationship to authorship, the appearance of text and voice on screen, discussion on  identity and alter-egos, and crucially to forms of Appropriation and Postproduction. Works should have been made since 2006.    Deadline 14 April 2011 Works should be less than 10 minutes, and made after 2006 Moving image work MUST be sent as a data DVD in Quicktime format, .MOV with an aspect ratio of 4:3 Works with and without sound are welcome Links to submissions on Vimeo, personal web sites and YouTube are invited Students are not eligible to apply There is no fee for selected works To apply please send your work, with a recent CV, brief biography, less that 200 words and description or synopsis of the work, less than 200 words, your contact details, name, address, email, if you wish your material returned please include sufficient postage. Please also include on your DVD screen shots of your film, clearly labelled with your name. Moving image work MUST be sent as a data DVD in Quicktime format, .MOV with an aspect ratio of 4:3. Works should be less than 10 minutes, and made after 2006.   Contact:, 07835 836 009   Send materials to Alex Hetherington, 2/1 250 Dumbarton Road, Partick, Glasgow G11 6TU


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