Untitled series - imagination


By:luping zeng
Activism, Drawing
Imagination series-33 / 2010
Pastels & ink on paper

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Untitled series - imagination

The Philosophy of fashion Art - Abstract vision dialogue Written by Luping Zeng 12-12-2010 Woolo.org is showing my imaginational untitled series of abstract art works, which is really offering an unbelievable opportunity for me. The recent this series were undertaken using abstract imagination from my currently idea, inspirited by Chinese literate painting.   I was read a critique from Chinese ink painting – big enjoyable recently where it shows on the conceptual abstract art – the ambit of literate painting. It’s always emphasized to me how non-painter always has such a self-important view on painting, for some good laughs check out the take it easy. Although I could not differ with this, it did get me thinking. What is abstract art? An abstract that embody no object! And it carouses in prejudice. Intellectual, it’s all in the mentality – the artist’s intellect.   Unfortunately the abstract art is not all psyche audiences in reality, and the composition presents us no indication. They may think they discovered the secret of the creation! They will obtain it to their critical. There is no common ground on which artist and audience can come together, because there is no objectivity – no control of the mind and only the fashions are available. I find the abstract philosophy unexpectedly narrow-minded and freely rather short-sighted and uninformed. Although for those familiar with my work, this relates to one of my perspective on the focus. It was rallied me paraphrasing against traditional, abstract showing, minimalist works with my emotion. But I would say my work acts well into the realm of subjectivity that I believe it will be fast to fashionable into everywhere.   I found the approach is really helpful since I have studied through on the western culture and participated the society. Does anyone else in addition me thought that abstract art can be one of the most unrestricted significant platforms that they are existing for evolution contemporary people’s perspective. It shows the expression of the essence, power porch, mystical appearance, contemplation, configuration of a new image language, the list goes on and on.   I see abstract philosophy and contemporary art in general in a different way. In the 21st century the artist starts to be more anxious with the process of creating the art than necessarily the final product. The process becomes the art and the question what is art? It becomes vitally important. When you erase any traces of symbol or figurative appearance or purpose even, it creates a platform of creation on a completely new level. Something is completing as new, an utterly fresh perception involuntarily. They became new secret language, new idiom; continuous potential. It is an almost spiritual appearance of values. It also is an approaching into the psyche of the artist and perhaps mankind in universal.   As beforehand affirmed, in a lot of contemporary art, the process plays a critical role. meaningful the history and feelings of the artist can be attractive and make easy your satisfaction of the art, but the untreated emotion reminded when you view my work of abstract art can be just as influential whether emblematic or nonfigurative processes were used to create this new vision dialoged – I am trying.  


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