Painting Reality // Video Online Screening


By:iepe rubingh
Activism, Film, Intervention, Painting
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Painting Reality // Video Online Screening

‘Painting Reality’– A Brushstroke by Society – 500 litres of paint[1] were dumped on Rosenthaler Platz on the 25th of April 2010 – a new colour in front of every traffic light: lemon yellow, chimney red, cyan blue, and purple violet. The cars drove over the paint and became ‘paint brushes’. The action was executed anonymously. For months people were guessing whether this was a ‘Guerrilla Advertising Campaign’ or an artwork. It is in fact a work of art by Berlin-based Dutch artist IEPE (born 1974) together with an anonymous crew. IEPE is known for his ‘traffic congestive actions’ in Berlin and Tokyo, as well as the raining ‘Miracle Trees’ in Singapore, Berlin and Arnsberg. Additionally, he is the inventor of the hybrid sport ‘Chess Boxing’ and is the director of the World Chess Boxing Organisation, with clubs in Siberia, London, Los Angeles and Berlin. IEPE works “within society” or “with society”. For him, Chess Boxing is as much Social Sculpture as an independent sport. Thus the artists’ idea was to find a way of combining body and mind and integrate this modality in society. As well as this, his work is about controlling aggression and thinking outside of the many boxes society consists of. The work ‘Painting Reality’ is connected to the idea of Social Sculpture and is a picturesque implementation of it.  The movie is a documentation and co-production by the director AKIZ (Achim Bornhak i.a. ‚8 Miles High’) and IEPE. Online address:   [1] Water-based, organic and non-toxic substances


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Ruturaj Desai
Nov. 20, 2018
Really wonderful..
Harriet Williams
Nov. 13, 2017
Lance Aram Rothstein
Nov. 09, 2012
Magnifique! I hope to see it in person someday.
Sara Pruiksma
Jul. 11, 2012
Fabulous! Great work, and love the visual.
Mary Veale
Jun. 22, 2012
great work !painting is not dead Mary Veale
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