By:misako oba
Conceptual, Photography
Installation (gallery) view from FAUSTUS series
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A  fine art photography book “FAUSTUS” was published by Sokyusha in Japan in November 2014 and became available internationally in 2015 such as Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and Dashwood Books in New York (limited edition: https://aboutfaustus.wordpress.com/where-to-find-faustus/store-locations-outside-japan/). ::: The original work of the series has been exhibited in New York, Los Angels and many more. ::::  https://aboutfaustus.wordpress.com   ::::  The photographic series FAUSTUS and the related mixed media series were exhibited previously at photo SF, photo l.a., AIPAD photo show in New York and galleries in New York, PA and more. ::: Some works from this series can be viewed at Misako Oba's solo show at Converge Gallery from November 6 to 29, 2014. http://www.cgartprojects.com/exhibitions/Exhibition :::: February, 2012 at Grey Art Gallery, Pennsylvania, USA /  November 5th through December 4th, 2011 at Lana Santorelli Gallery, NJ, USA.  http://www.lanasantorelligallery.com ::::::  Opening reception, November 5, 6-9pm.  Additional new pieces (mixed media) from Flashback series, which related to FAUSTUS and the art books are there as well. :::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::: ::  Artist Talk and Two exhibitions for a part of FAUSTUS series were held last fall and winter, 2010 in New York  ::::Catalog and artbooks are available. :::::: September 10-20, The BAG Gallery, Brooklyn, New York / Also,  November 15 – December 17, 2010 at Martin–Mullen Art Gallery,  Oneonta, NY  ::: Installation shots and opening photos.     :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::  About the series  :::   In folklore, an individual may make a pact with the devil, usually signed with their own blood. The pact involves loss of a part of the individual, the soul. But in my case, it was the possibility of losing something else, and Goethe’s Faust became a metaphor for her experience in the21st century.  My photography explores the battle between an angel and a devil in human's heart, as I deal with the emotional turmoil. The photographs and mixed media recount my reactions from despair, confusion and fear, accompanied by blood and tears, to defiance, a positive spirit and redefined beauty. This is a visual statement of a true physical, emotional and spiritual journey that anyone might be called upon to make.   ::::::::::::  "After the Devil wants Faust to sign the pact with blood, Faust complains that the devil does not trust Faust's word of honor. In the end, Faust sign the contract with a drop of his own blood."  - by Goethe's Faust ::::::::::::  * PACTUM means pact or contract in Latin. * Faustus means auspicious, blessed or lucky in Latin. THERE ARE MANY MORE SEQUENTIAL ARTPIECES IN THIS SERIES including portratis.  Please feel free to email to:  contactmisako@gmail.com :::::  Books and the original edition prints are available.   (2006-2011, book 2014 ) 


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