Etching/ Mixed media (Ki and Bi series)


By:misako oba
Mixed Media, Printmaking
Ki, State II
solarplate etching
16x17.5 inches with frame
Sold. (variation is available) - Please inquire to Casey at Converge Gallery, USA or

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Etching/ Mixed media (Ki and Bi series)

  Limited edition solarplate etching (Actually not edition but variation intentionally) and/or unique works of mixed media on paper. More images available than showing here.  ::: November 1 – December 22, 2012: a group show at Converge Gallery (140 West Fourth St., Williamsport PA 17701, USA) ::: International Drawing & Printmaking Exhibition. May 14 – 19, 2010.  at Rogue Space Gallery in Chelsea (526 W. 26th St. #9E, New York, NY10001)  === About the series === Solarplate etching is very much a physically involved process. As digital photography becomes more prevalent, I found myself craving to do more hands-on prints and create pieces physically. This is also because my art-making is linked with a deep exploration of emotions during the process. The combination of both traditional and modern techniques was employed in the Ki and Bi series (Ki means hope or rare and Bi means beauty in Japanese.) :: In this series series, a search for harmony in photography and etching, I first created the pieces of mixed media collages on canvas mirroring my own emotions and soul, and then photographed them. I combined photogram of the new way and layered Japanese calligraphy, written by my father, a master of calligraphy in Japan. (Calligraphy is one of the historical means of communication in Japan and takes many years to master although in this modern society, it is no longer common practice.)  ::  In the process, I made 8x10 photo positives and etched plate by water. I have been exploring ways of combining traditional calligraphy with my photography and art, partly in order to pass on to the next generation in a different art form.  It is also creating and transforming to the new images using my point of view.   === State I: black “Ki, ” “Bi, ” and  “Sa. ” each/ edition of 3. State II:  color variation of 6. And, there are also unique pieces.     (2008-2011) 


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