Waiting For Something To Happen


By:caroline boileau
Drawing, Installation, Performance, Photography, Sculpture, Sound, Textile, Video
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Waiting For Something To Happen

A Very Performative Structure is a mobile piece of furniture, a transformable structure waiting to be unfolded and interacted with. In shape and color, it references a glass bookcase, a hospital cart or a large toy. It is a space where futile and important objects coexist and are displayed, sorted out and made sense of. It is first and foremost a performative structure, a teaching tool used to present the blurring of my social roles. This Very Performative Structure hovers somewhere between the cigarette girl, the femme orchestre and the bag lady’s cart. It is contaminated by its context and always on the verge of formal and conceptual re-configuration. Objects are added and removed. I can talk from behind it, show videos within it, serve tea from inside it. In and around it, I am both subject and object, surveyor and surveyed, analyst and analyzed subject, doctor and patient, waiting to interact. The objects housed in A Very Performative Structure include various plastic and glass containers collected from home, laboratories and hospitals; plasticine objects making reference to the body (human or animal) and childhood play; my larvae collection divided by year and presented in jelly jars; the black and lined notebooks, the black and unlined notebooks; a soft pillow, mattress and blanket; 6” platform shoes for standing behind the structure and speaking from a position of authority; a tea set with tea cozy; a terrarium with giant African snails; three important videos, each showing possibilities for different interior or exterior movements; a mini theatre for the live snails; some food to entertain visitors and more food to entertain snails.  


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Jack Reed
Feb. 20, 2011
Great installations. i like the objects you select to work with.
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