Interventions by Urban Dialogues


By:amy bassin
Conceptual, Digital, Installation, Intervention
Collaboration by Amy Bassin, NYC & Hidemi Shimura, China
Archival Digital Print

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Interventions by Urban Dialogues

This work explores the following questions: What is contemporary digital art and photography?  What is photography?  What is real and what is perceived?  If we manipulate photographs with digital technology, is it similar or different than 'staging' a scene and photographing it?  Is photography that 'documents' the 'world' really a documentation of what exists or is it all in the photographer's manipulation of the tools they are using (the camera and in the developing). Isn't the process completed and the meaning in the eye of the viewer, regardless of the artists intent.  Some of the work taps into contemporary themes about urban interventions, global warming, sustainability, gentrification. Urban Dialogues©, a group of nine artists from different cities and cultures experimenting with collaborations which bridge their global diversity and artistic similarities, questioning the nature of artistic practices in today’s digital age: is art made by the sole artist alone in their studio or can collaborative works push us to new heights?                                                                                                              Urban Dialogues© (UD) examines the complex interactions between artists, cultures, nature, urban interventions, cities, and technology, via photography, digital art and video, capturing the contradictions and analogies of our individual and collective histories, reflecting today’s new era of global engagement. UD artists all met via an artist social networking website, came together and virtually exchange photos of their cities and art. The collaborative artworks are hybrids of each artists’ unique vision, time and place.


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