Art Incantation 2009


By:gawrav sinha
Enamel on canvas
36 X 48 inches
On request

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Art Incantation 2009

Art Incantations by Gawrav Sinha Born out of a life suffused with the transformative, mystical thought of India, I bow down before what I see as my sacred duty as an artist: that is exploration in search of knowledge and truth that can connect us to our deeper selves. Through meditation on the abstractions of my Art Incantations, I seek to draw back the veil of maya - illusion, desire, fear - and release the viewer's mind for a moment to experience that radiance which is the light of our consciousness free from maya and to glimpse that eternal love and unity that lies beyond the world of material objects and separate egos. In "tasting" a moment such as this, it is my hope to inspire the beholder to find their mystical journey towards the perfection of themselves. Creation of my Art Incantations begins two hours before sunrise when the qualities of time are most conducive to the creative process. This is the time when the energy of the dark, receptive womb of night begins its journey to embrace the light, and radiant energy of the early morning. A conception takes place and a new day is born. Likewise, I offer myself in a devotional act through ritual, purification and incantation to the pure, white deity of my canvas. I become one with my art as night moves to day. A rhythm created with line, color and shape flows onto the canvas until the new creation is born and transcendence over the concreteness of maya shines through in the abstract forms. My works of art are intense, energetic spiritual expressions of the continuous act of creation that works through our individual and collective consciousness. I have used three primary colors:  yellow, red and blue that portray creation, preservation and destruction consecutively - the three fundamental operating principles of the universe. In Tantric understanding, these colors reside in a state of perfect balance within the divine consciousness from where we descend. When the balance is disturbed, the process of creation begins and beings come into existence possessing these colors in different proportions. Apart from their aesthetic value, my works of art are then an invitation to the viewer to experience this process by meditating on the colors and forms, to feel and explore the qualities of each and to allow the experience of their creative interaction to play in the limitless space of the mind and heart. Practiced regularly, this experience helps to lift one's mind out of the world of maya and towards an inner clarity - to be in the world but not of it. Namaste (The light within me honors the light within you.)


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