El Camino - Beyond The Tunnel -


By:misako oba
Conceptual, Photography
La Seine
gelatin silver print, toned
11x14 inch
Please inquire to contactmisako@gmail.com or to gallery.

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El Camino - Beyond The Tunnel -

 More photographs available. 30 photographs in total in the "El Camino - Beyond the Tunnel -, " 2005 ::: The body of my work deals with the journey of men and women through life, and is called "the Journey of Life and Light."  It is a metaphor of our lives.::: The series has been exhibited internationally including AIPAD show in New York and received the Merit Award in 2007 in U.S.A.  :::  Photographed with black & while films.  All archival gelatin silver prints, some are toned, were printed by the artist Misako Oba :::  [Statement]- I looked for tunnel-like images and captured them along with my eyes and emotion.  I have been attracted to theses tunnel like images.  Life is a long path ("camino" in Spanish) like a tunnel. People in this modern society suffer from the same problems as ancient people did.  Any one would experience hardship or difficulty at some point in his/her life.  Dark, long way with sorrow, loneliness, confusion, turmoil, or desperation, and it seems like a tunnel without exit.  We seek light, direction, purposes in life.  We have our own journeys to go through.::: “Paradise”  and “The Other Side” are the last images of El Camino series, that illustrate having walked through this tunnel and reach wide open area like a paradise. ::: (photographed 2001- 2003, Archival getatin silver prints by the artist in 2001-2005)


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