Blue Fire Flies: Exhibition-in Paris, New York, and PA.


By:misako oba
Conceptual, Photography
Blue Fire Flies #6
Unique gelatin silver print, toned// Also, limited edition of Lambda print 40x27 inch (Mounting option: on plexiglass)
16x20 inch, unique// Inquire for the limited edition sizes: 40x27 inch (102cmx69cm) and other sizes
Upon request

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Blue Fire Flies: Exhibition-in Paris, New York, and PA.

Another show is coming up for this series. 10 pieces from the Blue Fire Flies series (Unique gelatin silver prints, blue toned) will be displayed on a grid  at the exhibition "Like Blueprints - Make No Small Plans" in Abrazo Interno Gallery along with other three visual artists.  Visit the OPENING INFO at:   :::::   Abrazo Interno Gallery, 107 Suffolk, 2nd floor, New York, NY10002 "Like Blueprints - Make No Small Plans":  October 17th through October 30th. OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, October 20th, 6-9pm, Artists Talk: October 30th, 8pm. Gallery Hours: Daily from 3:30-7pm.   More photographs and also related series available.  :::::  The body of my work deals with the journey of men and women through life, and is called "the Journey of Life and Light." "Fire Flies" is part of this series, in which I photograph little points of light or groups of lights that appear like fire flies. The photographs were made at night festivals. I find that when there are crowds of people at night there are souls, spirits, chaos and energy. I depict this by photographing the lights, which stand for those souls and spirits, and even hope. Night festivals always excite me. I want to capture the human element. If you are part of such a festival, you can experience the excitement. At the same time, you can sense that loneliness, deep inside the heart, cannot be avoided. Somehow I always find myself lonely in a crowd, no matter if friends or family are with me. While a mother is with you when you are born, you are born alone and die alone. Human nature carries loneliness within itself. --- I photograph these night scenes one step back, psychologically. I am an observer. I am a witness of these events, which are meant to be fun. But I see something more.  The photographs of this "Blue Fire Flies" series were taken in Brussels, Belgium in 2002 with B&W film, and completed as the series in 2005. This is a flower carpet festival. The thousands of (millions of?!) flower petals created patterns and made a carpet on the ground that looks like a garden. In the photographs, you can see so many people as small figures flocked around the flower carpet. ---- Hand-printed by the artist Misako Oba; Archival gelatin silver prints, toned, Each Unique (16x20 inches) / ::::::::Also, Limited edition of Lambda print with plexi glass mounting (approx.30x40 inches) ::::: ** Please contact John a director at Converge Gallery (tel 570-435-7080), PA, USA.  or the artist for more details and the rest of the available size and works.


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