By:vaippipadath shihab
Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting
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15 x 12 cm
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The movement of strokes plays a great role in my works, the rhythmic structure of two colours make the dimensional space in canvas. The brush strokes in each paintings surge in a limited surface of canvas to create a form. However, because of the fast strokes, the forms have a moving effect in its specific space. The strong dark lines make the contours for the forms. The contours sometimes extend to the other figures on canvas without disturbing them. Due to the inspiration from the expressive intensive colours of element of nature, I absorb the maximum intensity of these colours to depict the form and structure. The mixing of orange, blue, yellow and green colours define the layers in to clear forms. The extreme opposite colour of human body keeps the tension on canvas and strengthen the anatomy conveying the communicational function. As a result, these extreme colours and forms are the means of communication here. For example, a blue coloured face or figure. The medium has also a great role in creation of work. The watercolour stains with its own contours and lines formulate the expressive figures in painting. These streaming lines at times diffuse the structure of form because of the medium. So it creates its own path, turning out to an imaginary form. Moreover, the transparent forms create a new idea to enter the second layer of the canvas and connect the forms together to bring the complete idea of painting, as well as keep the surface abstract.


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