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She was born 1958 in Hungary.

Earned a degree at the College of Theology in Győr /Hungary/.

From 1990 to 1993 she has studied painting and art history in Vienna, Austria.

She lives in Vienna, Austria.

During her studies the world renown great masters of Austrian fine art and architecture such as Egon Schiele, G. Klimt, Kokoschka, Otto Wagner - as some acknowledged artist of contemporary fine art - i. e Ernst Fuchs, L. Attersee, Aric Brauer, Hundertwasser, H. Nitsch, had a great impact on her way of visual thinking.

Her ideals are the German expressionists: Schmidt-Rotluff, Eric Heckel, Franz Marc.

She has been influenced by several styles, but she has been mostly utilizing the expressive tools of the beloved expressionism, such as simplifying shapes , using heavy colour-contrasts, etc.


Edit Nemeth is an artist committed to the creation of artwork. In the past decades she had expressed her talent in several fields of art, however, her repertoire still seems to be balanced-because of her constant quest for construction, and also as a result of the composition of her distinct, dynamic, expressive palette.

The cardinal problem of her art is how to reach ideal symbolic meanings while remaining within a sensual-defined sphere and as well as on the ground of sensualism, how to make reality come alive through her individual perspective and personal sensitivity.

She draws from the wide scale of the "clown" family - the violin player, the acrobat, the artiste, and the clown. The recurring clown figure is the main spokesman of the stage, who appears on the canvas as if he was the keeper of all secrets.The tragedy of human comedy lies in her themes - by the use of free association.

From time to time she expresses herself through the language of figurative painting, and other times she is deterrred into a world of abstract, which is striving to surface the essence of things.                               Therefore the works of Edit Németh are unpredictable, because she constantly serves new and unexpected discoveries in both the topics and the practical solutions.




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