eduardo alexander rabel
Location: New York/United States

Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography


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My work critiques injustice and attempts to construct a vision of a more humane, just society.

In 1998 I participated in the Cabras Project, an artists' residency program in a small mountain village in Mexico, where I facilitated art workshops for local youth and painted my first community mural at the local kindergarten. Since then I have facilitated numerous community murals in collaboration with youth and adults in Kentucky, Brooklyn, the Bronx, East Harlem, and New Jersey. I have also worked as a teaching artist for a variety of organizations in New York City, and directed an after-school program for elementary school students in Brooklyn for five years. In 2006 I joined Groundswell Community Mural Project and was the lead artist on a four-story-tall mural in East Harlem in collaboration with local teens. In 2007 I led a mural project involving over 200 people at the Farm Aid festival in New York City.

In 2009 I facilitated the painting of "Five Pipes: Five Eras," an environmentally-themed mural project on five large concrete pipes located in Teaneck Creek Park in Teaneck, New Jersey. In addition to my collaborative murals I also create mixed media artwork independently in the studio, often incorporating repurposed materials. My work has been included in Artlink@Sotheby's International Young Art (an invitational auction in Tel-Aviv), as well as a variety of other venues in New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Mexico. I also perform as a percussionist, utilizing a variety of repurposed objects - such as paint cans and water bottles - in addition to more typical instruments such as cymbals, congas, claves, shakers, and rain stick.


Community Murals

New York/United States



Drawings From Cuba

New York/United States



World Order

New York/United States

Mixed Media, Painting, Photography

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