culture push
Location: New York/United States

Activism, Architecture, Conceptual, Curating, Design, Digital, Drawing, Film, Installation, Intervention, Mixed Media, Other, Painting, Performance, Photography, Printmaking, Project Organizing, Sculpture, Sound, Textile, Video, Residencies, Grants, Others, Jobs/Careers


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Culture Push is about hands-on learning, group problem solving, serious play and creating connections. The mission of Culture Push is to create a lively exchange of ideas between many different communities; artists and non-artists, professional practitioners and laypeople, across generations, neighborhoods, and cultures. Culture Push serves a diverse international community of thinkers and do-ers from all different professions. Culture Push focuses on collaboration and group learning through active participatory experiences, including practical symposia, artists' projects, residencies, educational workshops, and dinners.

Culture Push programs:
Participatory Symposia and residencies bring together thinkers and do-ers from different fields to exchange practices through active participation.
Studio Marathons are all day creative socializing. Free and open to everybody to drop by and join the theme of the day--drawing, collage, knitting, sewing, or . . .
Workshops in different disciplines and practices.
IdeaNEWS is an annual product whose form changes each year. It is intended to track the organization's intellectual interests in a physical form.
Sponsored Art Projects portray the spirit of cross-field exchanges and often result in public art events. Sponsored Art Projects of Culture Push currently include Cyborg Nation and TRYST.

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