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Open Dialogues: New Life Berlin is a collaborative writing project that is taking place as part of the New Life Berlin festival. All through New Life Berlin, a group of festival from across Europe and the US. Keep checking on this blog for the latest posts, and for the latest news about Open Dialogues: New Life Berlin activities.If you're watching the festival from abroad, we will keep you updated and informed via the blog. If you're in Berlin, then come and meet us at our LIVE REVIEW at the New Life Berlin shop on 7th June. And keep an eye out for Open Dialogues: New Life Berlin printed flash publications, being distributed across the city.The writers on Open Dialogues: New Life Berlin are Anga'aefonu Bain-Vete, Alfredo Cramerotti, Clare Carswell, Alexandria Clark, Mary Kate Connolly, Kathryn Fischer, Eleanor Hadley Kershaw, Joanna Loveday, Cheree Mack, Matthew MacKisack, Carali McCall, Charlotte Morgan, Christin Niehoff, Ann Rapstoff, Valerie Palmer, Carrie Paterson, Kara Rooney, Heiko Schmid, Claire Louise Staunton and Eliza Tan.Open Dialogues: New Life Berlin is facilitated by Rachel Lois Clapham and Mary Paterson, the directors of Open Dialogues, with assistance from Christina Irrgang (Open Dialogues Associate, Berlin)......................The Open Dialogues: New Life Berlin Community-Anga'aefonu Bain-Vete is a practising artist, collaborative curator and cross-disciplinary writer, currently completing a Master's in Visual Culture at Monash University, Melbourne. Clare Carswell is an interdisciplinary artist currently working with performative drawing and unmediated actions in the public domain. She is a freelance writer, published in the UK regional press and Interface online. She is based in Oxford UK. Rachel Lois Clapham is co-director of Open Dialogues, a UK based collaboration that develops critical writing in response to art that is live, transformative and participatory. Contact Alexandria Clark is a freelance writer and artist based in the UK, and is also a member of the Nottingham based artist group TETHER. contact:, -Mary Kate Connolly is a freelance writer and movement practitioner based in London with aparticular interest in Dance and Live Art. Kathryn Fischer (aka Mad Kate) is a writer, performance artist and musician currently making mischief in Berlin, Germany. Hadley Kershaw is a writer and arts facilitator, currently based in Brussels delivering communications for IETM, International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts. Examples of her writing can be found here: Contact: Christina Irrgang is the Open Dialogues: New Life Berlin Associate and studies Theory of Art and Aesthetics at the State University of Media, Arts and Design in Karlsruhe/G. She works as a freelance art critic. Contact: and Loveday is a writer based in Yorkshire, Joanna currently works freelance for regional arts organisations including New Work Yorkshire. Contact Mack is a Berlin based writer and co-founder/editor of The Art of Berlin Contact MacKisack is a London-based artist / writer and doctoral candidate at Goldsmiths College. -Charlotte A. Morgan is an artist and writer currently co-developing and curating Transit Projects, a mobile project space based in Sheffield UK and online. Christin Niehoff is an arts student at Berlin Wei


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Installation, Other, Photography

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