christophe katrib
Location: Baltimore/United States

Activism, Conceptual, Installation, Mixed Media, Performance, Photography, Sculpture, Sound, Video


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Christophe Katrib is an artist/filmmaker and educator currently based in Baltimore, Maryland. He has a MFA in Photographic and Electronic Media (2015) from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), and a Diploma in Filmmaking and Audiovisual Studies (2000) from the Institut d'Etudes Scenique Audiovisuelles et Cinematographiques (IESAV) at the Université Saint-Joseph (USJ) in Beirut. His work spans photography, film, video, sound, music, and site-specific installation. He currently teaches the moving image and new genres at MICA, and has taught new media at the George Washington University in the past.



The quotidian or mundane is always the starting point in my work, and the mode of exploration starts with the unraveling of the act of seeing or perceiving the world and its incidental, oft overlooked poetics. Data, information, technology, images, digital connectivity and new communication interfaces are exponentially changing our sensorial realm. More and more mediations seem to separate us from direct experience. I am interested in summoning a primal rupture where the world can slow down and a sense of realization or introspection can be restored, in a way where the ambiguity and reliability of what we see is subtly engaged. I’ve used the interplay of still and moving images captured with mobile phones in the past to try to achieve this, but recently I have distilled my efforts to work on perception and the source of the image itself: light. Most recently, I worked on presenting what seems to be natural light phenomenon in a sight specific context, using architectural elements to direct and embed video elements that are suspended between “light” and “image”. Part phenomenological part metaphysical, the resulting manifestations tend towards the poetic and offer a space and time for meditation, suspended between the mundane and the magical, potentially inviting a growing awareness of our slipping position between the real and the represented, the experienced and the interfaced. 


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