shih yun yeo
Location: Singapore City/Singapore

Conceptual, Curating, Digital, Drawing, Film, Installation, Mixed Media, Other, Painting, Performance, Photography, Printmaking, Sound, Video, Residencies


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Time, as registered in its familiar increments of seconds, minutes, hours, days and years, has preoccupied me since I started making art full-time in 2001. In a series of works `log:one03` was a personal diary recorded from 2001 to 2003 across cities of San Francisco and Singapore, I explored the documentation of time through mark-making using Chinese ink on sumi-paper scrolls, 16mm film and wall. Certain rules govern my works, for example, I will paint a section of the sumi-paper everyday and record the date and time of completion.I enjoy experimenting with different mediums besides paper and canvas and love to use non-traditional tools in my works. Using rollar-blades to capture the trails/marks made by the wheels that were inked, the start of the work was when the first mark is recorded on the paper and the end of the work is when there is no more ink on the wheels of the rollar-blades, thus no marks could be made. The work thus captures the `moment in time` in its purest and most honest form. In my other work, a watering can is filled with ink. then poured direct on the paper, mimicking rain, which is ever so unpredictable.For me, time is fleeting and every moment is temporal and unique. I desire to capture all these moments using the most basic, raw, direct ways. Time is also a medium through which my works attains the possibility of the infinite, a web that links thought, memory and history.


墨 By Tay Bak Chian...

Singapore City/Singapore

Installation, Painting


Global Village 2012

Singapore City/Singapore


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