kristine hymøller
Location: Amsterdam/Netherlands

Drawing, Installation, Painting, Performance, Photography, Sculpture, Video


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Private and Public Rooms
My point of departure is to create rhythm and synchronicity through various sculptural combinations. In blends of shape and colour I aim to pursue a visual flow that may evolve naturally within the work I produce.
Encountering gender, male and female entities, social roles and stylisation in the “city-shape”, I’ll investigate how a simple shape is able to recall memory. How humans naturally connect outlines and form thoughts and emotions. How we identify, mirror and define and reflect on our self-image through anything visible or tangible.
Intimate city-shape Living sculpture
Begun in 2008, “Intimate city-shape Living sculpture” is a body of work dealing with corporality, constituting my previous sculptural research, and including sculptures, sculptural requisites, objects, photographs, drawings and resonant performance.
Working on incorporating a variety of techniques and semantics, I aim to create a co-active meeting between form, condition, movement and posture. I wish to reflect the human in an objectified state of mind, and to reveal a scenario that explores cultural and social heritage, and the space occupied by the body physically and emotively.


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