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Location: Italy



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Gian Genta 63 years is born in Savona where he resides. A gentleman who although the slaps of the life has not saved it has a beautiful work in showing pragma and disillusion cheat the spirit, which when you possess it you cannot fall silent. Assiduous frequent visitor of the circles and the mythical artistic school of Albissola since years the 60-70 has dedicated itself to the world of the art, ceramics, wood and writing. Paul Castellucci in 1974 on purpose of its pictures speaks about a young artist who covering on the vehicle of the images the stages of that complicating to be called man shoots at the society and the history isolating them in rising of artificial dimension where the clearance and the irony assume the aspect prosecutor for a illusory process to the daily paper. Exausted the political animosity that for long years has dominated, Gian Genta, with the new millenium does not hesitate to transform just lived the personal one in new shapes of artistic participation of immediate effectiveness, alternating as always the own communicative energy is in the writing that in the sculpture. In 2002 its first collection of images and thoughts exits





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