ruchika kc
Location: Bangalore City/India

Activism, Conceptual, Curating, Design, Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography



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Ruchika KC is a storyteller. She feels an artist can very easily lose oneself in a day to day life, in the triviality of the mundane hours. However, if one looks closer at one's work then the artist reemerges again. Paintings are visual languages where the artist's emotions and thought processes are monitored through brush strokes, even the slightest, subtle hesitation or variation in thoughts are imprinted all over the paintings. All  of these images have evolved through a period of time and space. She has been able to learn a lot about herself, her style, thinking processes and composition style. So it has been a journey of self discovery. Also, as a woman she has always been inspired by women oriented themes. Feminine energy is always intuitive and emotional. She always has had the comfort and determination in portraying women's bodies.

In some of the paintings she has used nudity, specific gazes and certain bodily gestures to tell women's tales. For instance she has painted several artworks titled, "Girls with Blank Stares".

She likes to tell stories through certain gazes which at first can be mistaken for blankness/shallowness. In fact, “blank stares” are always underrated and misunderstood. One can tell beautiful stories through those.  Before telling those stories one has to understand those gazes, become, live in those gazes and ultimately come out of it. They are always trying to put across their stories; wanting, waiting and needing to be heard. And yet they seldom succeed at the first attempt. Those are not loud and direct. Instead are subdued and can be inconsistent at times.  Always being able to express in bits and pieces only. It's not  a weakness! Rather its about constant struggle, persistence and in the end triumph. One would need lots of patience, understanding and benevolence to extract stories out of these gazes. Those in turn would have depth as deep as life itself. Its beautiful!


Women Without Men

Bangalore City/India

Activism, Conceptual, Curating, Design, Drawing, Installatio...

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