igor zusev
Location: Seattle/United States

Mixed Media



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Artists Statement :


My art weather photography or painting aims to establish an emotional connection with the viewer. Over the years as I mature so does my art and general vision. When I shoot subjects I don't see a person, I see a way to express feeling. I often interact with my subjects on a very personal level. I pull emotions from them utilizing a variety of techniques. Often the conclusion to such sessions is nonstop laughter. 


Artists Bio


Igor Zusev was born in Russia in Feb 1979. He emigrated to the US with his family in 1989. A veteran of the US NAVY, Igor acted as ships official photographer where he was able to record military life as he lived it. His artistic expressions started early in life with a gift of a point and shoot camera at the age of 8. Currently, Igor's work will be displayed at the 2019 Seattle Erotic Art Festival. 


Cor Magnon Series

Seattle/United States

Mixed Media

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