denise jones adler
Location: New York/United States

Activism, Curating, Design, Digital, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting


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Denise Jones Adler
526 W26th ST, #610, New York, NY 10001email:
website: instagram:@deniseadler123

Cell: 917.455.8302NYC born and based, I was lucky enough to study with artist Juanita McNeely in the 1970s and is influenced by Feminist Art Movement and Expressionism. I attended Buffalo State University for 2 years where I studied printmaking. I graduated from Hofstra University with a degree in Fine Arts.

I am interested in creating portraits and dreamscapes that express a sense of the mythic and legendary. Innate in my work are my reactions to information from current events and the world around me. My portraits and dreamscapes are not really “of this world”, but representative of my reactions to it, the stimulus evokes a range of feelings, relief, happiness, empathy, apprehension; or disbelief. I like to examine identity and it’s reflection in contemporary culture. The multifaceted connections between the internal, external and virtual distilled into hybrid creations that illustrate my sense of our collective human experience. DJA


Illumination: Light,...

New York/United States

Activism, Curating, Design, Digital, Drawing, Mixed Media, P...

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