joyce wynes
Location: Davidson, NC/United States

Activism, Mixed Media, Painting


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My approach to life is to organize everything and try to reduce it to its simplest terms or forms. That is also how I approach my paintings. I am an abstract acrylic and mixed media painter working on canvas creating representational and non-representational art.

My art is a balance between the social issues of the day and my experiences with them reduced down to the expressive use of paint, textures, brushstrokes, movement, symbols and bold color. My passion has always been women's equality and empowerment & my talent was always creating through paint. Combining those 2 allows me to reach those who benefit from both.

My abstract paintings are bold and colorful, but through the lens of my social consciousness and philosophical wanderings and beliefs. They almost always carry an artistic narrative of my concerns.


Magnolia Emporium Fa...

Davidson, NC/United States

Activism, Mixed Media, Painting

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