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Location: Milo/France

Activism, Conceptual, Curating, Design, Installation, Intervention, Other, Photography, Project Organizing, Textile, Video, Residencies, Exhibitions, Grants, Biennials/Festivals, Art Fairs, Forums/Seminars, Curatorial Proposals, Others, Jobs/Careers


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bi- is the first international art biennial Milo-Térénez.

bi- has no budget, no exhibition venue, no curator, no pavilion, no communication, no competition, no attendants, no entrance fee, no website, no catalogue, no opening, no age limit, no nationality, no experience, no visitors, no opening hours, no institutions, no ambition, no future, unprecedented.

bi- offers a recreational space, in two places at different times, conceived as a villégiature. Villegiare, litterary “to be at home”, introduces the paradox of a time and space out of the ordinary but yet familiar, a homey feeling at the end of a journey. It is the invention of a shared moment dedicated to slowness, to an active rejection of any urgency, it is the common creation of a vacant space of enjoyment: generous and productive.

Artist residency

bi- is a geodesic line stretching 1950,61 km across western Europe, a diagonal joining Finistère to the French Riviera, cutting Corse in a half and traveling along Italian coasts, across Sicily and above mount Etna. It links two irrelevant places, far from any centre, moderately attractive for tourism: the village of Milo, on the mountainside of Etna, near Catania, Sicily, sits 500 meters high, 20 minutes from the sea by car. Térénez is a small locality in Finistère, Brittany, at the entrance of Morlaix bay and its several notorious islets.

The residency is proposed for 5 artists, curators, scholars, architects, etc... Participants are allowed and encouraged to apply for both locations.

bi- is a residency with no compulsory production, no theme, no participation fees, no company registration number needed, no grants or artist’s fees, no reference to the territory, no visibility, no educational workshops, no studio, no equipment, no obligation of being free of all professional activities during the residency, no contract.

bi- offers accommodation, transports on site, some meals, a bike.

In Térénez, bi- offers to residents an accommodation with barely drinking water (nitrates) and excellent air quality, private rooms, shared kitchen, a garden with hydrangea and trees (pine, apple and cherry trees), an internet connection, a small wood workshop, easy access to interesting sites (coast trails, German bunkers, bay islands), a printer, view on the sea.

The residency in Térénez will take place during one of these periods:

31st of March - 5th of April;
7th - 12th of April;
5th - 10th of May;
12th - 17th of May.

In Milo, bi- offers to residents accommodation with excellent drinking water and air quality, a shared kitchen and shelter, a garden with savage grapes, hydrangea, trees (apple and plums trees), internet access via a shared 4G connection, a painting set, easy access to interesting sites (mountain trails to the Etna craters, sea coast, historical sites), printer, view on the sea.

The residency in Milo will take place during the following period:

8th - 18th of June (16th - 18th in Palermo in the framework of Manifesta12).


Open call

Please send an application notifying a preference for the residence place (Milo, Térénez or both) and for the residency periods (in the case of Térénez only.)

The application must be sent by email to before the 18th of March 2018 without any attached file (no resume, no portfolio, no project, no motivation letter, no reference letter, no filled form attached, nor any other document explaining the candidate’s practice).

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