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Location: Chattanooga/United States



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Leah has been in group exhibitions locally and internationally. Her artwork has showcased in group as well as in solo exhibitions. Leah was awarded the Fall Artist Fellow by Art Rise Savannah in 2016 where she created a solo exhibition based on the triumphs and struggles of women from various social economic backgrounds, cultural backgrounds and women of color within the Savannah community. Leah commits time towards investing in her growth as an artist through Awarded Art Residencies that cultivate her interest in culture and art, including recent trips and art residencies to Amsterdam, London, Mexico and India. She was awarded the Arts Honors Scholarship and Special Honors Scholarship by SCAD where she achieved her B.F.A from Savannah College of Art and Design, and continues to use her past and current experience and achievements to help others and to cultivate her own passion for art. Her goal is to speak on cultural issues in today's societies, support Equal Rights movements and Environmental issues, she uses her time traveling to learn about diverse cultures in order to tell their stories through her work. Her main focus and goal in her work is to create cultural exchange in a positive way through art. Her long term goals are to continue to learn about other cultures through travel and tell those stories through her work in hopes to create a global positive understanding of the humanity and equality we are all entitled to, to obtain her Masters in Art and Culture and to have her own art residency one day. Currently she lives in Chattanooga Tennessee, USA where she co-owns a contemporary art gallery, pursues her own art and works as curator & Co-Owner of LIT Art Gallery. 

Her current body of work focuses on the lives and stories of women she met in India during her month long residency in the historical city of Varanasi, she documented and depicted through her work the pain, triumph, determination and strength these women held along with the beauty an hardships they faced daily. Her work has recently been in one solo exhibition held in Atlanta Georgia along with dialog and an artist talk on gender equality, women's rights and women empowerment through community and education. 

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