samantha jones
Location: Toronto/Canada

Design, Installation, Photography


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Sam Jones is an interdisciplinary artist who specializes in photography and drawing.  She is currently working at VS studios (@v.s.studios) in the Toronto Portlands, wih work recently installed for the "Come Up To My Room 2018" design exhibition at the Gladstone Hotel.  Her practice is inspired by the fracture of the human mind and body relation, particularly the frustrations and anxieties that occur in response to the shortcomings of bodily physicality. Her work is derived from a consistent feeling of both somatic and psychological malaise – the decisions she makes in her work are motivated by the intuitive responses of pain and discomfort, as well as the burgeoning paranoia of physical and mental deterioration.

​Working from performative and systemic processes are key in her practice. She does this by using repetitive actions or by manipulating material to enhance the viewer’s awareness of the physical labour used in its creation. This awarenesss peaks to her bodily engagement with the work. She thus treats each art object as a documentation of  labour, endurance, and bodily awareness. ​


Ice Cream Series (20...


Design, Installation, Photography

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