vaiva kovieraite-trumpe
Location: Siauliai/Lithuania

Mixed Media, Other, Printmaking


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The current body of artwork includes serigraphy and mixed media which transforms into own and unique technique. During the creative process I look for new and different ways of visual expression and a wider range of measures forming compositions. Mysterious, logic disobeyed, disregard, or even disavowal of principles of beauty. Through meditative practice I try to access altered states of consciousness which serves to reveal the unconscious realm. For my graphics I try to give a new spatial and temporal characteristics, to highlight what's close to subconsciousness, pseudo-reality, perverse imagination and uncertainty. While interpreting the postmodern worldview, elaborating on paradigm of this aspect I jump to conclusions and use them for my searches, composition and creation of artworks.

Elements from inspirations such as folk art, folklore, fairy-tales, different patterns combine to call attention to my visual pieces as an alternative reality for today's actuality, which is sick of populism, politics and pseudo-realistic images degenerate by television. It has a slightly different format, dimensions and parameters. I concern myself with integrating the paradoxical consciousness of the seen and unseen words, from something totally mundane, commonplace and, perhaps trite, to unseen, unheard and unimaginable.

As an artist I am interested in finding a unique approach to everyday live and sharing my individual realm with others. That way let me understand surrounding and everything whats in it differently. I hope that my artworks in some or another way enhance viewer’s way of thinking, consciousness and a way to see and understand what’s around us. 




Mixed Media, Other, Printmaking

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