david cohn
Location: Boston/United States

Conceptual, Digital, Performance, Video



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I make video installations that feature my own performances that I digitally manipulate through editing software.  Through this intervention, I investigate issues of identity and language as they play out in my own self-relation.  I also create cartoonish diagrams as illustrations for abstract philosophical concepts, as well as music compositions of recorded and re-recorded percussion and synthesizers.  

Ultimately though, my work is less a representation of an idea than a self-documented struggle with an idea.  I view abstraction as a way to ground myself into a framework and my art projects are often motivated by abtsract thinking, but my goal is usually to surface my own psychology as it plays out in my push towards the universal, rather than to make universal claims.  This is because I think of abstraction as a tool that grounds reality specifically  on the speaker's/artist's terms and that erases differences as it unifies.  My intention is to affirm difference through the difference that lurks in myself and thereby relate to viewers by acknowledging a mutual but unreciprocal alienation.  


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Boston/United States

Conceptual, Digital, Performance, Video

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