alastair noble
Location: New York/United States

Installation, Intervention


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Born in Liverpool England, I completed my MFA at Rutgers University NJ in 1977. Since then I have been a permanent resident in the USA living in New York City. Devoting myself to an artistic practice that addresses contemporary cultural issues that is a response to architecture and the natural environment, in the context of literature. I have exhibited regularly nationally and internationally including US, Peru, Italy, Chile, Bulgaria and the UK. 

Over the years my work has manifested itself in both two and three dimensions in the form of constructions, installations, drawing and printmaking. The foundation of my work evolves from an investigation of particular poetic or literary texts that often reflect on man’s relationship to the land and sea. Drawings have always played an important role in my process however in the last five years I have focused almost exclusively on pursuing experiments in drawing that embrace my engagement with literature. These drawings are not renderings but transcriptions of actual words transformed into multilayered notations. Some author’s words I have transposed include, Blake, Mallarmé, Mayakovsky, Wittgenstein, Borges, Ponge, Daumal and Goethe.



New York/United States

Installation, Intervention

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