caitlin moore
Location: Berkeley/United States

Activism, Drawing, Painting


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My name is Caitlin Rose Moore. I'm 30 years old, from Berkeley. 

I have a strong and reassuring connection with animals, who are embodied in my art.

I am an overcoming young woman who is bound to her schizophrenia, but does everything she can to both pacify and confront that powerful part of her which is disappearing. This is chronicled in my book in progress, "Penelope My Dear, Where is Your Hat?" I practice shamanism which comes through in my art. My Alaska piece shows my spirit guide Sophia flying. I create art that seeps from my unconscious. I make images blossom and become something only the work of art knows. My art is the spring. i create sweet deer with yellow wings who are alive and full-on lemurs, with eyes which sparkle and long, creepy fingers. My aqua mosaic of a deer is swimming.

I use tons of materials – from marble to marshmallows to fluffy fake fur – to create things that sprout with life and energy. As shown by the deer with wings, I help dead and beaten down things be reborn as I care enough to give those things all my energy.

I do art for the dreamers in the world, who see the world like children do, purely and colorfully. My work leads you to a place of remembering. My art has always meant the universe to me. As a child, I would sprawl out on the oatmeal rug and paint fairies and queens and even maps of Brooklyn and the cast of Peter Pan at sea. I always come back to my art. It satisfies me to discover a line and mold newspaper and lay down tiles and stretch stockings onto wire hangers and make beautiful colors.

I want to make people’s lives more exciting and luscious by showing them what everything means to me. My art is faithful. My work and I grow together as I take on the world.


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Berkeley/United States

Activism, Drawing, Painting

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