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Location: Chiayi/Taiwan



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Chen was educated at National Taiwan University of Arts from 1987 to 1991. Even graduated with a Bachelor from Design Department, She had involved herself in a variety of Fine Arts learning that were still the nurture for her growth and development in painting. To meet the challenge of being superior to her previous self in creation, she had made an effort to enter for the juried exhibitions hosted by Taiwan Arts Associations in 1999 to 2013, won many awards including 12 gold medals, and, therefore, qualified and invited as a member of Tai-Yang Art Society. Since then she has continued to participate annually in Art Exhibitions and invited to hold solo exhibitions at the public.


Her art philosophy, however, is to create a new style of painting with Oriental language and artwork of goodness, beauty, and truth for sharing with this Universe and expressing the positive power of “Love”. Starting from June 2016, she has actively participated in international juried art competitions and exhibitions. Right now, she lives and works in Chia-yi, Taiwan.


Artist’s Statement

"Beauty is an attitude toward life. Always painting with a free mind I love to depict the light and soft character of Oriental women in literature and art. My work expresses the safeness and freedom of the character at rising in a unique style that represents the prospect of Chinese calligraphy, experimental techniques as well as the ambiance of a living Zen."


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