debra weisberg
Location: Boston/United States

Drawing, Installation, Intervention, Mixed Media, Sculpture


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Pictured is my 22-foot long commissioned dimensional drawing at the Facebook office in Cambridge. I worked on site for 12 days to complete the work entitled, Material Drawing. It is drawn directly on the wall using signage and paper tapes. Attached are hand-sculpted hardened paper forms coated with inked rice paper that move the drawing into the viewer's space. FB was interested in slow, detailed work that focuses on thinking with one’s hands through direct contact with materials. The paper based sculptural elements were sited to emerge from and contrast with the angularity of the industrial aluminum pipes and ductwork-the hand-made bumping against the industrial- the irony being that the illusion of the organic was actually the transformation of banal consumer materials, signage and paper tapes.

All of my work is rooted in drawing which I define, following anthropologist Tim Ingold, “an indelible record of the pressure of the fingers on the pencil that makes it, driven by impatience, control, or anxiety of the maker… an archive of the maker’s muscle.” I cull from a faded memory bank of images, root systems, lava flows -archetypal systems of growth, flow and movement- that I wrestle into an abstracted, affective experiential state. My tool for my drawing has been tape which I tear/cut and layer into a physical presence to increase tactility of the surface and contour which I also feel heightens its raw materiality. Material Drawing, as in all my installation drawings, begins with no prior diagrams or blueprints and is conceived and developed entirely on site. The tape allows for an immediacy and all prior drawing decisions ultimately result in a rich, undulating surface which echoes the frenzy of controlled matter pulling apart.



Boston/United States

Drawing, Installation, Intervention, Mixed Media, Sculpture

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