kyta india
Location: Kalga village/India

Activism, Architecture, Conceptual, Drawing, Film, Installation, Intervention, Mixed Media, Painting, Performance, Sculpture, Sound, Textile, Video


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KYTA (Karma Yatri Travel and Art) is an experimental residency program currently based in the Himalayan village of Kalga. The focus of the residency is to research and explore the relationship between travel, living, culture, art and expression. The artistic focus is on the process and the confluence of various artistic practices and thought streams across experimental human endeavour. As a framework, we invite 10 artists from various disciplines and nationalities every year to produce a unified artistic result within a finite time period. Alongside, we are building associations and partnerships with artists, projects and institutions globally to expand the scope of cultural exchange with India.


Kyta 2017: Triotopia

Kalga village/India

Activism, Architecture, Conceptual, Drawing, Film, Installat...

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