nechama winston
Location: Brooklyn/United States

Conceptual, Installation, Photography, Video


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I distort and de-contextualize visual records to challenge ways of understanding realities too easily accepted as truth. Tearing things apart that I document, while I research and work with archives, allows me to make space for new things to happen – new ways to see and maybe understand alternate realities and perceptions.   

My installations are meant to be “multi-focused” and disorienting, something understood through a logic of sensation, that also disrupt linear and singular directions of vision. After months of research, I rearrange the formal and symbolic information contained in the moving and still images I collect. When I reconfigure these "facts" through video and projections onto objects, I interweave a subjective and personal experience, imagined or re-told, that can either parallel or collide with the history and usage of the spaces captured. 

Nechama Winston (b. 1989, New York) is an artist who works with photography, video and installation. She received her BA from CUNY Hunter College with a double major in art history and psychology, with a concentration in behavioral neuroscience. She is a second year MFA candidate at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in the Advanced Photographic Studies Program. She has exhibited with Float Photo Magazine, The ICP Museum, The ICP School Rita K. Hillman Gallery and The ICP-Bard Gallery. 


Static Test

Brooklyn/United States

Conceptual, Installation, Photography, Video

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