anna deligianni
Location: Athens/Greece

Conceptual, Design, Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Other, Painting, Printmaking


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I was born in Athens, 1988. Being inherently interested in art, when the time came I took lessons with a great sculptor named Kostas Argiris, and later decided to study fine arts at the School of Visual and Applied Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts in Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki is a city very different from what I had previously seen, full of colours, art, sounds, dancing, and flavors that influenced my life and artistic journey. While studying, I was intrigued by etching and got to meet some of the greatest engravers/etchers of the Balkans and Europe. As such, my illustrations combine the techniques and aesthetics used in etching, with those used in general painting/drawing. Finishing my diploma with the specialization “painting”, I returned to Athens and have been since working on various illustrations, mainly for art exhibitions, but also for various magazines and blogs


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Conceptual, Design, Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Othe...

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