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Location: New York, NY/United States

Painting, Photography


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To make a long story short, simple words, cliches and colloquialisms in American English are the center of my art activities.  Piece by piece, I take common global idioms and organize them into compositions of a single word or words or compositions of run on colloquialisms which reflect common understandings and turn them on their ear.   These idioms are hand painted.


As far as I can see, American idiomatic expressions are perfect, they belong to no one, are not authored by anyone but are used by everyone.  They reflect common understandings.  


Throwing some light on the subject, the words are always made in a digital font which is technical, empirical and precise while the idioms themselves are vague.  My artworks include a wide variety of subject areas.


Practicing without a license, my work consists of handmade signs reflecting commonly expressed thoughts through an image of high tech.  


Drawing conclusions from Dada, Pop, Conceptual, Fluxus, advertising and journalism, my artworks are signs which prompt for thinking outside the box and ahead of the curve.



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