maureen bachaus
Location: Maastricht/Netherlands

Conceptual, Video, Exhibitions, Online Exhibitions, Others


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Maureen Bachaus enlightens social themes through personal perspective; her work is based on research of the personal thoughts of people from different cultures with different backgrounds.

Essential themes throughout Bachaus' work are the human psyche, the freedom of expression, the human identity. 

She collects 'thoughts' through social media - or simply on the street - and translates them into photography projects, performances, interactive video- or multimedia projects, installations and sculptures.


Academy of Fine Arts, Maastricht Netherlands

Conceptual Post-graduate Academy, Amsterdam Netherlands



Maureen Bachaus is represented by Galerie Kunstkomplex (Wuppertal, Germany),  Galerie Bardohl&Scheel (Berlin, Germany), Gallery O-68 (Netherlands), Gallery S&H De Buck (Belgium ) and EXIT 11 Contemporary art (Belgium).



Maureen Bachaus is co-founder and member of the international art collective >BAUM<. 

Besides her contemporary art practice, Bachaus works as artistic director of a museum (MRK, Netherlands).

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