irene pouliassi
Location: Florina/Greece

Design, Digital, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Exhibitions


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My Art merges imagination, narration and protest, coming from the human body and its  kind of my personal psychotherapy .To my mind art ,  must take a critical view of social,political and cultural issues,one must narrate everything that blocking its mind.I want to explore how lines can give you  life  how lines can speak through your mind building new worlds.To establish diversity as something common.

Inspiration to my work is everyday life situations of people ''out from the social standards'',i try to outline their manners with simple black or coloured lines ,indicate their existance with everyday objects.

''You can see ,hear and touch  these feelings or even take a piece of them with you ''

Imprinting all these into paper ,canvas, plaster and nails  ,ideas transformed into storyboards ,Storyboards that you can hear their stories  through a narative voice.

Although the processing of drawing is my personal meditantion im trying to give a piece of my mind to the world.





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Drawing, Painting

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