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Location: San Marcos/United States

Conceptual, Design, Painting



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I am an expressive painter with a Bachelors in Fine Arts from Texas State University.  I look at alot of Saville, Freud, Wright, Auerbach, Van Gogh, Munch, and Doig.


My work is mostly concerned with the quality of each mark made.  I begin each painting with a spot on drawing, this may be the most important part of my process as the resulting painting can only be as good as the drawing underneath.  I then begin building the painting one mark at a time, taking great care that each brushstroke is an indepent decision and is as important as the one proceeding and following it.  The resulting image is, in my eyes, secondary to the composition of marks.  The subject matter tends to be fairly personal, consisting of mostly people that are close to me, objects that I use regularly, or places that I enjoy.  Other than people, coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol seem to be recurring themes in my work.  I like to think that I paint for myself.


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San Marcos/United States

Conceptual, Design, Painting

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