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Location: Berlin/Germany

Activism, Film, Intervention, Painting


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IEPE is a Dutch artist born 1974 in Rotterdam. He lives and works in Berlin since 1997. IEPE is the creative inventor of a 7 year-old and already wold famous sport called ‘chessboxing’; a sport combining chess and boxing in alternating rounds. Here both cognition and physics are challenged interchangeably. 

Chessboxing is thought a social sculpture where people internalise the ideas behind chessboxing, like: a healthy body in a healthy mind, mixing two contrary worlds and the ultimate control over agression. 

Under his full name, Iepe Rubingh, he founded the World Chess Boxing Organisation in 2003 and since then served as the prime mover and spokesperson of this new sport. In 2005 he founded the Chess Boxing Club Berlin, who now has 60 members. There are now chessboxing organisations in Berlin, London, Krasnoyarsk (Siberia) and Los Angeles.

IEPE’s often both humorous and provocative artwork includes larger actions in public space like blocking off intersections with barrier tape (5000 meters) in Berlin and Tokyo, which he calls the “Joker performances”. The raining “Miracle Trees” also belong in the category of larger scale public space artwork and were shown independently in Berlin and at the Singapore Biennale in 2005.

Apart from this IEPE founded lecture Platform Pechakucha in Berlin in 2006 and has been curating speakers till today.


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Activism, Film, Intervention, Painting

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Nelson Musk
Nov. 27, 2017
Lily Rose
Oct. 16, 2017
Amazing concept.....
Raiber González
Aug. 17, 2011
just amazing, cool and ...
Shih Yun Yeo
Nov. 12, 2010
nice works
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