sztuka fabryka
Location: Llanes - Asturias/Spain

Activism, Conceptual, Design, Installation, Sculpture


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Sztuka Fabryka is active world wide since 1986, first as organiser and curator of several international art events. During this period Sztuka Fabryka was very active in the avant-garde Mail-Art network with collage and rubberstamp art. These activities resulted in the Sztuka Fabryka Archive with art pieces from more then 1500 artists world wide.

In 2009 Sztuka Fabryka moved from Belgium to Asturias in Spain, now spending all his time on his own art and work. Soon he developed a fascination for rural places and introduced traditional, regionalist, folkloristic and even religious themes and designs.

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Llanes - Asturias/Spain

Conceptual, Design, Installation, Sculpture


Urban Shrines

Llanes - Asturias/Spain

Activism, Conceptual, Installation, Sculpture

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Jeff Schmuki
Sep. 28, 2011
keep on keeping on!
Natalija Ribovic Toru Fujita
Oct. 06, 2010
Thank you very much!We will join Manifesta 8.So May we can see you in spain!!!
Marco Guillermo Pérez Caycho
Sep. 22, 2010
hola gracias por el comentario, "mi osito" es mi favorita de las obras que muestras aquí ... saludos
Andrea Golla
Sep. 22, 2010
thanks a lot!!
Maciej Ratajczak
Sep. 21, 2010
thank you
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