tokyo arts and space residency
Location: Tokyo/Japan

Activism, Architecture, Conceptual, Curating, Design, Digital, Drawing, Film, Installation, Intervention, Mixed Media, Other, Painting, Performance, Photography, Printmaking, Project Organizing, Sculpture, Sound, Textile, Video, Residencies


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Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS) is an art center that was established with the aim to generate and promote new forms of culture from the heart of Tokyo.

TWS Hongo is in charge of supporting and nurturing young artists, while TWS Shibuya functions as a hub for an international cultural network established in affiliation with cultural facilities in Japan and abroad, and as a platform for exchange and presentation for creative individuals ranging from aspiring new talents to internationally operating artists. In addition, TWS Residency: Creator-in-Residence is a base for creative production, dialogue and education on an international level.

Together the three TWS venues make up a central stage for the "Global Creative City Tokyo".



Tokyo Wonder Site Re...


Architecture, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Drawing, Film, Mi...

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